Kuya Louie

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I wrote this song after I met this 6-year-old boy from a fisherfolk community in San Isidro, Bais. I stayed at their place during our exposure trip there. I got to know his grandparents (his parents were not there), his life story, and his struggles as a young boy. They all reflect in the eyes of Kuya Louie. His story inspired me to make this song, and this has become very special to me. I will post the song here soon as we finish recording and arranging it.



Kuya Louie be strong

Nanay’s getting weak and tatay’s not home

I know you’re lonely longing for mama’s love

and I know you are waiting for papa to say “I will rescue you”


Let your tears dry up like salt

And remember the flavor it gives to your past

Wear a smile, face the sunrise

Keep your hopes in your hands and pray


Kuya Louie be strong

Tomorrow the storm is gone and the sea will be calm

Soon the wind will kiss the sand and your prints of sadness will be gone

The world’s not cruel, it’s just them

They who pretend to be your friends

(repeat chorus)



Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts

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I miss blogging na jud!!!! Haist… Sorry sa mga sige ug visit dinhi then walay makitang bag-o. I’m just really busy, but please be happy for me because I’m really enjoying my life now. As what I tell my friends now, “I’m broke but I’m happy. I’m poor but I’m kind. I’m tall and I’m healthy.. yeah yeah!!” LOL!! Thanks to Alanis for giving me a theme song.

Anyway, I’m busy with community theater now. I’m with a group called Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts. Yeah, theater, my addiction. But this one’s different, and we call it COMMUNITY theater because we don’t perform just for fame and money, but to promote our advocacy: mainly on environmental awareness, gender issues, violence against women and children, a little bit of Philippine history, and many more.

Here are some photos of the group. I hope you can all watch our shows one of these days.







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I wrote this an hour ago on my way back to Dumaguete. Hmmm… just a short drama.

Sa Unahan… Dulom

Mga balahibo nga nagkatag

ibabaw sa yutang miturok

sa tunga sa lapad nga kadagatan

Sa walang dapit,

dilaab sa bulawan nga sa dili madugay

kaunon sa kangitngit

Sa ubos, mga bula nga nagpungasi

mga shagit sa matag halok

sa dakong puthaw nga naglawig

Sa tuo, bag-ong kinabuhi

gi-agak sa mga malig-ong braso,


ug mitumaw ang usa ka imahe

nga magahulagway sa mga panghitabo

Sa unahan…

hanap, ngitnit, dag-om,

dulom nga kapaingnan

25 Random things about me (from facebook)

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1. My real name is Earnest Hope Lumayag Tinambacan

2. I’m a PastorS’ kid (oh yes, both my ma and pa)

3. My mama is from Bindoy (Neg. Or.), my papa is from Dipolog City (Zam. Del norte), my brother was
born in Calamba (Mis. Occ.), while I am from Oroquieta City (Mis. Occ.). Cool noh?

4. I studied prep in Oroquieta, and then my mama was my teacher in Kindergarten 2 in Lopez Jaena (Mis. Occ.). In elementary, from Grades 1-4, I studied still in Lopez Jaena, from Grades 5-6 until 1st year and 2nd year High school I studied in Jimenez (Mis. Occ.), and then from 3rd year to 4th year back in Oroquieta City. Exhausting, right? Pag pastors’ kid pa mo! Hahaha

5. I met a terrible accident when I was 2 years old. I burned an important organ of my digestive system.

6. I don’t have that organ anymore. The doctors had to cut and replace it with something else.

7. I love singing contests because I was an “amateurista” too. As a kid, I used to sing Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Diana Ross songs in different singing competitions. I’ve lost, won 3rd place in barangay/purok level, won 2nd place in town level, and won as grand champion in city level. Weird noh???

8. My ultimate winning piece was “May Bukas Pa”, which is recently the theme song of a new Kapamilya teleserye. Well, I still think my version was better. Bleh!!!!!! Hehehe! Both my ma and pa were my trainers, but most of the time it’s my papa who accompanies me to competitions.

9. My father once warned me that if I stop singing in Church, God will take my talent from me. I was stubborn and refused to sing in Sunday services, and so when my voice started to change (from boy soprano to Bass 2), I cried from regret.

10. I thank the Silliman University Men’s Glee Club for saving my voice. If not because of the club, I wouldn’t know the reason why God gave me such very low voice (now I miss our team of power basses).

11. In High School, most of my friends were “the crazies” and “the singers”. Or isn’t it the same in college? Hahaha!

12. I started writing songs when I was 13, but I was already 15 when I started to join songwriting contests. Of course I’ve tried losing, then I won 3rd place, then second, then champion. Why is it always like that? Hehehehehe!

13. In elementary and High School, I was “lampayatot” (small, skinny, and weak), so in theater performances I was always the “youngest son”. However, since college, I’ve been portraying an old man: a monk in The King and I, Don Quixote in Man of La Mancha, then Lolo Bastruk in Kikay Kalaykay, and soon I’ll be playing a Spanish General.

14. I wish I was as talented as Chris Cornell in writing songs, and I also dream of having his voice. Way too ambitious.

15. In elementary, I was the folkdance king. Tarararan tantantan tararantan! LOL!!!

16. I started performing in march rallies when I was 12 years old. That’s how early I understood the poor people’s struggles.

17. I always find snakes fascinating. Maybe because of my mama’s story that I have a twin snake. She said that a preggy snake kept on following her when she was pregnant with me: in her mini-library (behind the books), at the door, in her room, and she almost had miscarriage when she accidentally stepped on it. Just few days before she went into labor, they found snake eggs inside a dry bamboo stem, and when I was born, she saw a baby snake in the trashcan next to her bed in the hospital. When I was a kid, I always see a snake on my birthday. One time, I saw it eating our neighbors chicken. Hmmmm… Celebrating? Well, if ever it’s true, I wish the snake is still alive.

18. My all-time favorite pinoy music video is that of Kyla’s “hanggang ngayon” (it’s also my favorite OPM song). I love it being emotionally creepy (what?). And I later realized that the dead guy in the bathtub on that video was Jamir Garcia of Slapshock, and I learned that he also wrote several hiphop songs for Kyla.

19. I once dreamed of being a professional back-up singer. Well, libreng mangarap.

20. I’m interested in weird musicians like Bjork, Jeff Buckley, Jim Morisson, Janis Joplin and her “daughter” Amanda Overmyer, Michael Jackson, and even Amy Winehouse.

21. I am interested in indie films, indie bands, and indie artists (even dream of becoming one, ambisyoso talaga).

22. I’m in a band called Jobas Witness, and we cover Radioactive Sago songs. I’ve always been a fan of Radioactive Sago especially their lead vox Lourd de Veyra (who is by the way a Palanca multi-awardee), and I was so happy when I met them in 2005. It is also cool to note that Lourd’s real name is Lourd Ernest, and I am Earnest Hope. Hehehehe! I-connect jud.

23. I don’t go out of the apartment without my notebook and pen.

24. I am nocturnal and I can spend one whole night with my notebook and pen and bottles of red horse. I’m also a moon lover, to the extent that I made a song about it.

25. I can sleep for hours in a sitting position. I even snore. Ngorkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

What people must know about her

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Once and for all, I will tell you the reasons why despite my being a rock, blues, and jazz music lover I still remain as one of Kyla’s avid fans. Many of my friends (who rarely watch GMA shows) wonder why I am head over heels in love with Kyla’s music. Some of them would even give me a contemptuous look as they ask me “why not Regine, Sarah, Nina, or Charice?” Ugh!!!! Well, besides her being cute, sweet, and professional, in terms of musicality, she’s way better than her contemporaries (the screaming biriteras).


(thanks to prettypayaterz)

No, not that she cooks. This is just to give you an idea on how she possessed such melismatic voice, which is very rare in the Philippines. This would somehow explain why her high-class original songs don’t appeal to the masa. And take note, she writes her songs too (extra points), and her penned songs have been nominated as best RnB song/ballad in Awit Awards and Katha Awards.

(thanks to niccholson01; watch until the last song for a sample of her scatting).

I was amazed when I knew she’s also a fan of THE Ella Fitzgerald. Those who were able to witness her sing that 7-minute scatting on Janno Gibbs’ concert have become her loyal fans, and like them, I’m still looking forward to watching her sing again standard jazz songs. As a matter of fact, her latest album shows an obvious transition to jazz. The songs are just too jazzy perhaps for the common masa to appreciate, and it’s okay (its not their fault anyway).  As long as the quality isn’t compromised, it’s fine with me even if she revives song (she herself is a victim of this “revival syndrome”).  There are still a lot of things to watch out for about Kyla, and I couldn’t care less about people who do not like her simply because, so far, I still trust my taste in music.

After 48 years…

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HAMBACK!!!!!!!!!!! after 48 years!!! Sorry for being gone for a long time. Just like what my previous post says, it has been a big STRUGGLE! I’ve never been as busy as this. Busy doing many things and working for different groups and organizations, and in the end find myself totally broke. Cool… But then, I know all my efforts won’t go to waste. I’m staying hopeful (what’s the use of being named Earnest Hope?).

Finally, I found time (and reason) to go blogging again. I dropped by to share with you this slideshow I uploaded to youtube. Some of you might have watched it already, but for those who continue to visit my blog though it has been abandoned for a long time, this is my gift to you.

Here’s my own composition, Kneel and Pray. Drop a comment on youtube if you like.

Make a song in 1 hour

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My favorite activity during the IPR of the Silliman Peace Advocates 2 weekends ago was our song and poetry night. We were asked to write a poem and make a song in just one hour, then we had a presentation after. We had to pick a topic, and we got the most difficult one… I think. The topic was “STRUGGLE”. It was really a challenge, and it was super fun during the presentation. Anyway, here’s the lyrics of our song. My groupmates were Hannah Kadile and Kristine Cada.





Hininga’y hinahabol

Sikmura’y kumakalam

Pawis ay dumadaloy

Kalian matatapos itong struggle!


Sigaw ng panggagahasa

Awit ng pagdurusa

Luha ng pag-aalala

Struggle mo at struggle niya – struggle!

May pag-asa pa ba?




Sa mga taong nagdaan – struggle!

Hanggang sa kasalukuyan – struggle!

Bukas ay ganun pa rin ba? Struggle!

Kaluluwa’y napapagod na


Patutunguha’y tila kay layo

Katawan ay sumusuko

Nitong struggle ba tayo’y magkasama


Sana ay di nag-iisa – struggle!


Kayraming bagay sa mundo na di maintindihan

Ngunit ang tanging alam, naghihikahos itong bayan – struggle!

Sana it’y pinapansin ng karamihan




baka nabubulag na sa huwad na kalayaan

O di kaya’y nalulunod na lang sa kasakiman