For the past few weeks I’ve been addicted to XFACTOR 2009, and I’m glad that JOE McElderry, who is one of my strongest bets (Stacey Solomon, Miss Frank), won the competition.

I actually love the whole batch, and so let me share to you my favorite performances in this season.

Let me start with my favorite group, MISS FRANK

Another favorite performance is Lloyd Daniels with his new look and confidence (nice falsetto at the end part)

Truly one of the best performances in this season, here’s Danyl Johnson

Perhaps the strongest vocals among the girls, Rachelle looked and sounded fabulous in her performance of Tina Turner’s Proud Mary.

This song became an instant favorite of mine after watching this performance of Jamie Archer. I realized how beautifully written this song is. Bow to Roy Orbison.

No doubt, Olly Murs is the best performer in the group. Every performance he had was electrifying, and this performance of his particularly rocks really hard!

My Darling Stacey is such a revelation. From a shy single mom with zero performing experience to a stunning Diva. This performance gave me goosebumps, and as what Louis said, it’s not easy to sing a Freddie Mercury song.

This song also became another favorite of mine after watching this performance by Stacey…

The best duet in the show, here’s pretty Stacey and Mr. Cool Guy, Michael Buble singing my favorite song.

Joe Mcelderry… what can I say? He touches everybody’s heart when he sings. He deserved to win the show. Here are my favorite performances of little Joe.

showing he can handle a “Whitney Houston” song.

Showing so much honesty in his voice, here’s Joe giving more weight to what seemed to be an easy song. Four judges standing again.

This made me remember a very important person in my life. (sniff sniff)


I really enjoyed this season! I hope they’ll have even better contestants next year.

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