Give me a sign


(Kaycy of YATTA and SPA)

No waiting anytime… Is this the sign?!

I remember one night I asked God for a sign so I can make the biggest decision of my life now: to move out of here, or to stay and wait. One time I passed by Silliman High School and got annoyed with a car parked in front of that sign (no waiting anytime), then a young girl hopped into the car then it left. Then yesterday, with Edsel, I passed by that sign again and remembered that incident. Suddenly an idea came to me. Since I have a friend’s camera with me, I thought of taking a photo of Edsel below that sign acting like she’s waiting for someone. But Edsel’s really not into photo shoots so I told her to take a photo of me. However, coincidentally I saw Kaycy on her way to SU High School so I asked her to pose.

Anyway, while uploading this photo on facebook, I looked at the sign really closely. I was amused. Then I thought of that night I was asking God for a sign. Could this be the sign? Well, it is very literal, but who knows?

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4 Comments on “Give me a sign”

  1. Feyoh Says:

    playing with words:

    time waits for no one.

    hehe. follow the sign, if you must. i wish you all the best. angels be with you to keep you safe always, wherever you are, whatever you decide. 🙂

  2. earnesthope Says:

    thanks mic… haayy this world. heheheh

  3. zusabel Says:

    hopiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! update na pud ui! kaila mo ug 48 years???? mao ka!

  4. kaycy Says:

    oh great. y did i open..
    d ko krelate.
    ayokong mag-isep!!

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