Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts

I miss blogging na jud!!!! Haist… Sorry sa mga sige ug visit dinhi then walay makitang bag-o. I’m just really busy, but please be happy for me because I’m really enjoying my life now. As what I tell my friends now, “I’m broke but I’m happy. I’m poor but I’m kind. I’m tall and I’m healthy.. yeah yeah!!” LOL!! Thanks to Alanis for giving me a theme song.

Anyway, I’m busy with community theater now. I’m with a group called Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts. Yeah, theater, my addiction. But this one’s different, and we call it COMMUNITY theater because we don’t perform just for fame and money, but to promote our advocacy: mainly on environmental awareness, gender issues, violence against women and children, a little bit of Philippine history, and many more.

Here are some photos of the group. I hope you can all watch our shows one of these days.






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9 Comments on “Youth Advocates Through Theater Arts”

  1. L.A. Says:

    Hey I know some of them, Hope. Regards ko ilang Mav ug Junrey.

  2. aiken Says:

    ganahan ko sa song ni Alanis! what a co-accident i’m downloading it now. haha anywayz, yest. song. ikaw. hahah… i think it fits ur voice. char. o dava. haha

  3. zusabel Says:

    i’m so proud of u hopia! imagine, na-unite ninyo ang bloods and crips! go fight win!

  4. earnesthope Says:

    uy dong LA. hehehe! How come you know them? awh.. ehehe.. sure2x

    aiken – sige ako nang bulongon…

    zu – charmz and crystals. haha! Go support! hahaha

  5. L.A. Says:

    I was part of Ate Dessa’s workshop before. Unya participants pud na silang duha. Hehe.

  6. kaycy Says:

    ahaha.. i was just looking around. trying to figure if unsa na new sa google bout us. then suddenly, a blog from kuya hope. nyahahah.. first jud cya na ni gawas. nyc one.. =)

  7. earnesthope Says:

    hello dai kaycee!! hehehe! na salaag ka sa kong blog. Well, before mo open ang website, ako sa mag una sa google ha. hehehehe

  8. kristian Says:

    great that we were able to watch the kikay kalaykay..
    sa ako mga groupmates, mamatay mos inggit..LoL..

    keep up the good work guys..
    idol na nako tamu..haha..XD

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